The Greater Chicago Area Systems Research Workshop (GCASR) is a venue to foster, awareness, collaboration, and community amongst the systems researchers throughout the greater Chicago area. Our mission is to create lasting connections and synergies between leading-edge computer system researchers and industry.

Last year more than 180 attendees enjoyed a keynote on the future of secure computing as well as 9 research talks and 60 posters covering breakthrough research in mobile, cloud, and data-intensive computing.  As the GCASR community continues to expand, this year, we plan to have 2 keynote talks, 14 talks from academic institutions and national labs, 3 industry talks, and 3 entrepreneurship talks.  The topics of interest will include but not limited to: Cloud computing, Big Data analytics, Security, Internet of Things, High-Performance Computing and many more.

Participation has included speakers and attendees from 9 universities, 2 national labs, and 3 companies. A complete list can be found here: http://sites.google.com/site/gcasrworkshop/2015/participants.  This year, attendance is expected to grow as we expand our geographical reach and technical program.

For more information regarding GCASR 2015 and previous years' workshops, please visit:

Previous GCASR workshops can be found here: http://gcasr.cs.uchicago.edu