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Jim Chen

Chameleon: A Large-Scale, Reconfigurable Experimental Environment for Cloud Research

Kate Keahey (Argonne National Laboratory)

Jim Chen (Northwestern University)


Abstract: Cloud computing services have become critical to all major 21st century economic activities – yet, we are only beginning to understand this new important paradigm. Questions persist regarding applicability of the cloud platform to the emergent data- intensive and sensor-based applications, its suitability for high performance computing (HPC) applications, and its potential to leverage major emergent technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN). Answering those questions requires the ability to perform experiments at scale – in other words, an experimental testbed that would support experimentation with Big Data, Big Compute, and Big Instrument problems.This talk will introduce the NSF-funded Chameleon project that will provide such large-scale platform to the open research community, allowing its users to explore transformative concepts in deeply programmable cloud services, design, and core technologies. It’s high reconfigurability will allow users to work on challenges ranging from the creation of Software as a Service to kernel support for virtualization. The talk will describe the areas research and types of experiments the testbed will support, hardware facilities if will offer, supported modes of user interaction with to this facility, as well as rollout timeline.


Kate Keahey is one of the pioneers of infrastructure cloud computing. She created and leads the development of the Nimbus project, recognized as the first open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service implementation, and engages in many application projects popularizing the use of the cloud computing platform in science. She also leads the Chameleon project, a distributed experimental platform for cloud computing research. Kate is a Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and a Senior Fellow at the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago.

Jim Chen is the Associate Director for International Center for Advanced Internet Research at Northwestern University and Co-PI of The Global StarLight Software Defined Networking Exchange (SDX), a NSF funded project. Jim leads multiple projects focus on the design and development high performance platform for advanced network systems and advanced network applications. His research interest includes high performance platforms, programmable network and network elements, high resolution 2D/3D digital media over network, and international collaboration virtual environment for science.