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Venue; Parking; Food; Wifi


You can access the free uchicago-guest wifi using the account below:
ID: gcasr-2016@cs.uchicago.edu
PWD: wseve

Logan Center & Parking

The workshop will be held at the Logan Center inside the campus of University of Chicago.

The address of Logan Center is 915 E 60th St, Chicago, IL 60637
The address of the parking garage next door is 6054 South Drexel Avenue Chicago, IL 60637

Street parking is free

Workshop Checkin

A registration/checkin desk will be placed right next to the door to the auditorium (1st floor) where the talks will be given.
Please stop by the desk to pick up your name tags and souvenirs.

Logan Center Internals

- The 1st floor is the main location of the workshop (7:30am -- 6pm)
  * The auditorium on the 1st floor will host all talks, except for Session 2
  * The open space on the 1st floor will host most of the posters  

- The 9th floor penthouse unit will have activity from 9:30am to 12:59pm
  * You can reach the 9th floor by taking the elevator right next to the main entrance of Logan Center
  * There are 100 seats on the 9th floor (no more than 100!)
  * Session 2 will be held on 9th floor
  * The room will open for people to have lunch from 11:30 to about 12:10. 
  * The room will host 20 posters starting from around 12:10pm.

- The downstair basement will hold some lunch boxes, coffee, and snack
  * A good place to relax a little bit in the middle of the workshop :-)


- Breakfast:
   * will be distributed on 1st floor starting from 7:30am

- Lunch:
   * will be distributed on 1st floor (11:30am -- 12:00pm) and basement (11:30am --- end of day)
   * no central seating area available
   * possible lunch locations include: 
        1st floor (mainly standing space; the auditorium where talks are given does NOT allow food)
        basement (a small number of seats and some highboy tables)
        9th floor (100 seats between 11:30 and 12:00pm)
        2nd floor has a balcony with about a dozen seats
        some highboy tables may be put in the backyard if the weather is fine

- Coffee & snack:
    * They will be available on the 1st floor and the basement for most of the day.