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Poster session I (10:00 - 11:00)

Global scheduling of computations and reuse for NLP acceleratorators 
Chen Zou and Andrew Chien

CQSim: A Trace-Driven HPC Job Scheduling Simulator  
Yuping Fan, Boyang Li and Zhiling Lan

Understanding User Perception of the Recommender System 
Mohammed Muheeb Ghori and Jonathan Gemmell

Provenance-based data skipping  
Xing Niu, Ziyu Liu, Pengyuan Li and Boris Glavic

Provenance Aware Checkpoint/Restore  
Andrew Youngdahl and Tanu Malik

Deploying Complex Software Stacks in Containers at HPC Sites 
Tim Shaffer, Nicholas Hazekamp and Douglas Thain

Enabling Generalizable Machine Learned Scientific Named Entity Recognition 
Roselyne Tchoua, Zhi Hong, Kyle Chard, Ian Foster

Composing Consistency One Concern at a Time  
Shuichi Maruyama and Wu-Hon Francis Leung

Scalable Parallel Computing in Python with Parsl and FuncX 
Tyler Skluzacek, Ryan Chard, Yadu Babuji, Logan Ward, Zhuozhao Li, Anna Woodard, Ian Foster and Kyle Chard

User Modeling in Group Recommender Systems for Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Video Games  
Arman Dehpanah and Jonathan Gemmell

Bidirectional Web Programming in Sketch-n-Sketch  
Mikaël Mayer and Ravi Chugh

Breaking Down Barriers: Paths to Fast Thread Synchronization on the Node  
Conor Hetland, Brian Suchy and Peter Dinda 

Transkernel: An Executor for Commodity Kernels on Peripheral Cores 
Liwei Guo, Shuang Zhai, Yi Qiao and Felix Xiaozhu Lin

Biomedical Data Integration: Challenges and Proposed Framework 
Priya Deshpande, Alexander Rasin, Eli Brown, Jacob Furst and Daniela Raicu

Pattern Recognition Associative Memory using 3D Multi-Vdd CAMs  
Siddhartha Joshi, Seda Ogrenci-Memik, Tiehui Liu and James Hoff

VStore: A Data Store for Analytics on Large Videos 
Tiantu Xu, Luis Materon Botelho, Felix Xiaozhu Lin

MYSTIC: Programmable Systems Research Testbed to Explore a Stack-WIde Adaptive System fabriC 
Alexandru Orhean, Alexander Ballmer, Travis Koehring, Kyle Hale, Xian-He Sun, Ophir Trigalo, Nikos Hardavellas, Sanjiv Kapoor and Ioan Raicu

Energy Consumption and Parameter Effects for BLE Performance on Smartphones 
Joshua Siva and Christian Poellabauer

Towards an Elastic Data Transfer Infrastructure for Science 
Joaquin Chung, Rajkumar Kettimuthu and Zhengchun Liu

CAPE: Explaining Outliers by Counterbalancing  
Zhengjie Miao, Qitian Zeng, Chenjie Li, Boris Glavic and Sudeepa Roy

Improving Ring ORAM Read Performance with Imbalance-aware Scheduling  
Yuezhi Che and Rujia Wang

An efficient write-optimized index for columnar stores  
Dai-Hai Ton-That, Tanu Malik, James Wagner and Alexander Rasin

Power of the Few: Analyzing the Impact of Influential Users in Collaborative Recommender Systems 
Farzad Eskandanian and Bamshad Mobasher

Poster session II (3:20 - 4:20)
DFix: Automatically Fixing Timing Bugs in Distributed Systems 
Guangpu Li

Exploring Integer Sum Reduction using Atomics on Intel CPU (In press)  
Zheming Jin

EdgeFlow: Secure Stream Analytics at the Edge with TrustZone 
Heejin Park, Shuang Zhai, Long Lu and Felix Xiaozhu Lin

Ares: An Intelligent, Adaptive, and Flexible Data Compression Framework  
Hariharan Devarajan, Anthony Kougkas and Xian-He Sun

Modeling Speedup in Multi-OS Environments 
Brian Richard Tauro, Conghao Liu and Kyle Hale

XQueue: Extreme Fine-grained Concurrent Lock-less Queue 
Poornima Nookala, Peter Dinda, Kyle C. Hale and Ioan Raicu 

DLHub: Model and Data Serving for Science 
Marcus Schwarting, Ryan Chard, Zhuozhao Li, Kyle Chard, Logan Ward, Yadu Babuji, Zhuozhao Li, Ben Blaiszik and Ian Foster

Accelerating Sparse Matrix Computation Using the UDP  
Arjun Rawal, Yuanwei Fang and Andrew A. Chien

AutoTap: Synthesizing and Repairing Trigger-Action Programs Using LTL Properties  
Lefan Zhang, Weijia He, Jesse Martinez, Noah Brackenbury, Shan Lu and Blase Ur

Timely Task-Aware Adaptation for Intermittent Computing  
Abu Bakar and Josiah Hester

Hierarchical Data Access Optimization in Deep Memory and Storage Environments  
Keith Bateman, Hariharan Devarajan, Anthony Kougkas and Xian-He Sun

The Art of Reducing the Search Space in Optimizing Expensive User Defined Predicates 
Hyungsik Kim, Alexander Rasin and James Wagner

Towards Exascale Interconnect Network Simulation  
Yao Kang, Xin Wang and Zhiling Lan

Bless: A Testbed for Tiny Intermittent Computers  
Alex Bernat, Abu Bakar and Josiah Hester

Using Built-In Sensors to Predict and Utilize User Satisfaction for CPU Settings on Smartphones  
Emirhan Poyraz and Gokhan Memik

Exploring Cross-Core Communication on Asymmetric Multiprocessors  
Robert Judka

Wide area file transfer: current insights and future challenge 
Zhengchun Liu, Rajkumar Kettimuthu, Nageswara Rao and Ian Foster

Cloud Resource Management of Bursty, Real-time Workloads  
Hai Nguyen, Chaojie Zhang, Zhujun Xiao and Andrew Chien

Querying a Graph of Distributed Logs to Troubleshoot Distributed Applications 
Nathaniel Kremer-Herman and Douglas Thain

Software Ethology: A Resilient Semantic Binary Analysis Framework  
Derrick Mckee, Nathan Burow and Mathias Payer

Neuromorphic Learning for Smart Grid  
Neil Getty, Gong Chen and Kevin Jin

Hyperloop: improve the performance of database-backed web applications  
Junwen Yang

Integrator: adaptive and intelligent integrated storage system for workflow system 
Kun Feng, Anthony Kougkas, Hariharan Devarajan and Xian-He Sun

Forget About It: Batched Database Sanitization 
James Wagner and Alexander Rasin

Sanctioned Computer Identification 
Karen Heart, Lee Zelenak, Samantha Phillips and Miguel Perez