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8:00 AM

Continental breakfast

8:30 AM


Tanu Malik


8:50 AM

Keynote: The Changing Nature of Systems Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Arthur B. Maccabe Oak Ridge National Laboratory

10:00 AM

Break & Posters I

11:00 AM

Session 1: Architecture and HPC

New Paradigms for Designing Energy-Efficient Intermittent Processor Architectures

Josh San Miguel Wisconsin

A Cacheable ORAM Interface for Efficient I/O Accesses

Rujia Wang


Convolutional Neural Networks for Sparse Scientific Data

Corey Adams ANL

Abstractions that Lie!

Radha Jagadeesan DePaul

12:20 PM

Lunch  &

Systems Research as a Career: Mentoring for women in computer systems

Moderator: Tanu Malik (DePaul). Panelists: Seda Memik (Northwestern), Shan Lu (Univ. of Chicago), and Rujia Wang (IIT)

1:40 PM

Session 2: Data Management and Storage

Tackling Performance Problems in Database-Backed Web Applications

Shan Lu UChicago

Forget About It: Batched Database Sanitization

Alexander Rasin


Hermes: A distributed multi-tiered buffering platform

Anthony Kougkas


Dynamic Deep Multi-modal Fusion for Image Privacy Prediction

Cornelia Caragea

VeloC: Very Low Overhead Checkpoint-Restart
Bogdan Nicolae


3:20 PM

Break & Posters II

4:20 PM

Session 3: Clouds and Edge

On the cluster admission problem for cloud computing

Ian KashUIC

Routing in the Cloud: The Design of AWS Transit Gateway Security

Baihu Qian Bashuman Deb

Amazon Web Services

Beyond Functionality: Tackling Timing and Security Challenges in the Design of Intelligent Engineering Systems

Qi Zhu Northwestern 

Zero-carbon Cloud an Update and Challenges for Datacenters as Supply-following Loads

Andrew Chien UChicago

5:40 PM

Closing Remarks